Massage & bodywork

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Therapeutic lomi lomi massage

Session of therapeutic full body massage for pain relief, deep relaxation, emotional balance and overall wellbeing. Warm oil is used during the session and massage is performed on the heated table. Client is undressed to their comfort level, with genitals always covered.

Lomi lomi bodywork (without oil)

During the session Client is wearing comfortable clothes and no oil is used. I apply pressure, stretches, deep work on muscles and joints. This lomilomi is a perfect choice for those who don’t like massages with oil and don’t want to undress; as well as for everybody looking for deep relaxation, increased mobility in the joints, greater range of movement and body alignment.

Kua lua lomi lomi: back walking and massage with feet

Hawaiian back walking massage that aligns the body, releases pain (especially in the lower back and hips), improves posture, helps to achieve deep relaxation. I use one or two feet to walk on Client’s body. Perfect choice for people who like strong massages and enjoy a lot of pressure.

Pregnancy and post-partum lomi lomi

Deeply relaxing and pain-releasing massage for women at all stages of healthy pregnancy. Warm oil is used during the session and massage is performed on the heated table. Client is lying on her side and her back (if comfortable). This massage is also an excellent choice for women trying to conceive, or new moms.

TRY THIS: Lomi lomi with cacao

At the beginning of the session I serve natural Guatemalan cacao that prepares your body and mind for a deeper massage experience – it improves the blood flow, softens the muscles, relaxes the mind, enhances the mood. Cacao ceremony is followed by therapeutic lomi lomi massage.

Add cacao ceremony when booking any lomilomi session