kr. 19.000

Session of traditional Hawaiian therapeutic massage for pain relief, body re-alignment and emotional balance.

  • Deep, effective massage – strong but not painful
  • On the heated table, with warm oil
  • Client is undressed to their comfort level
  • Back and front of the body is massaged
  • Genitals are covered and are not massaged

Duration: up to 2 hours

Lomi lomi is a therapeutic massage from Hawaii. It is made with long rhythmic strokes, deep compressions, stretches, joints rotations and other techniques. This holistic bodywork is a deeply relaxing and healing experience on physical, emotional and spiritual level.  

Therapeutic lomi lomi massage:
✅ eases pain in the body, especially upper and lower back, shoulders, neck, legs, arms
✅ helps to recover from injuries
✅ increases mobility in the joints
✅ improves blood and lymph flow
✅ helps to release emotional tensions, stress, tiredness
✅ helps to deal with depression, anxiety, burnout, traumatic experiences, insomnia, chronic stress
✅ gives the long-lasting feeling of relaxation, rest, wholeness, balance

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