Heartblown by ICE – ÍS – BLISS (singing ice music & ice macro photography)


Oh, how I loooove it when life touches me deeply with its beauty! When people, talented beyond measure, share their art and help me to see the world in a new way. Heart-opening way, heart-blowing way

This time my heart has been blown open by Jonna Jinton, Swedish artist, designer and youtuber. Every year Jonna records the song of the ice – otherworldy, magical  sounds created by the ice cracking on the lake in north Sweden. These music is like nothing I have ever heard. I find it both extremely relaxing and trippy. I like to have it playing in the background when I do my everyday activities, when I drink cacao, meditate, paint, read. I even gave a lomi lomi session to these sounds!

You have to listen to this and let me know what you feel about it! I leave you below the 10-hour video of raw ice sounds. Also, make sure to check Jonna’s youtube channel – she is absolutely stunning human being, inspirational beyond measure.


As Jonna herself recommends: Listen with headphones for the best experience, since some of the sounds are too deep to be heard on a mobile device or on a computer. 



As I was listening to the song of the ice, I remembered another time when I was completely blown away by ice. It was when my friend Ólafur Sigurðarson showed me his experimental macro photography of ice crystals and ice bubbles. I felt like watching some beings from another planet, or digitally-made art. It is still hard for me to believe that these are actual photos, not digital art. But they are! Óli uses various experimental techniques to freeze water and then takes macro-photos of ice. Just look at these otherworldly ice beings!

Ice bubbles by Ólafur Sigurðarson

Ice bubbles - experimental photography by Ólafur Sigurðarson

Ice bubbles by Ólafur Sigurðarson

Ice bubbles by Ólafur Sigurðarson

Ice crystals and ice bubbles - Experimental macro photography by Ólafur Sigurðarson

Ice bubbles by Ólafur Sigurðarson



I HIGHLY recommend checking more of Ólafur’s art HERE 

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