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Ho’oponopono and the Bowl of Light

I invite you for a 10-minute talk about ho’oponopono – Hawaiian practice of making things right. I’m also sharing with you my favorite, classic Hawaiian parable – The Bowl of Light. Let me know it the comments – what are your insights and inspirations from that story? What is the action you will take today?   …

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The myth of comfort zone

“A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there. ” – these words I found today on some fanpage I follow. Normally I would just say pffffffff nooooooo and kept scrolling. But maybe today should be the day when I tell you what I think about this whole stepping out of comfort …

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It takes courage to throw off the armor

Your body has good intentions: to make sure you survive. To protect you, guard you, defend you, keep you safe. Sometimes the only way the body knows how to do this is by putting on armor and growing a shield of muscles, tension, fear and pain.