How to massage each other? Tips from massage teacher | VIDEO


Today I’m sharing with you tips on how to massage each other, even if you don’t have any experience in massage. There are few useful things to remember  if you want to massage your partner or friends. 


When I started giving massages 3 years ago, one thing was clear to me: I wanted each massage to be a unique experience, a beautiful meeting that we would remember for a long time. I didn’t want just hello, undress and lie down here, then I would press, knead, pull and stretch, you get dressed, …

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Massage is a journey… where can it take you? | #letstalktouch

“Massage as a journey” – translated from metaphorical to literal, based on stories of my clients and my own experience. Why lomi lomi sometimes has effects similar to hypnosis? What can you do to journey during massage? Is it normal? Is it safe? Is it pleasant? Where do people “go” when they journey?

Massage and discomfort (not pain!) – how to go through it? | #letstalktouch

In this video I am talking about discomfort in massage. How it is different from pain, how it can, in fact,help us during the massage and what we can do to go through it… and what is on the other side of discomfort? I am sharing examples of me going through moments of discomfort when receiving and giving massages.