How Love wants to flow through you today?

Today I am writing to you from the train, which means one thing: I am definitely not in Iceland ?

I am currently in Poland and today I am starting an intense, 8-day lomi lomi training for a group of six.

Each time I teach lomi lomi therapy, it feels incredibly special. I feel touched by the wisdom of this healing and by my own wisdom, I am amazed by the beauty of the hearts of my students, by their courage and openness. I often say that I do lomi and lomi does me – so I know that after these 8 days I will be different. There is absolutely no chance that such a deep, embodied experience would leave me untouched as a teacher, practitioner and as a person.

I still have couple of hours until the training starts, so I take this time to feel into the energy of it. What is my intention for these days? I put my hand on the heart, take couple of breaths into this loving, beating space and I know, I feel, I hear the wise voice within me.

Let Love flow through you every minute, every second of this time. Let yourself be a vessel of Love, a conduit of Love. Drop all the expectations, because they create tensions. Drop everything that you think you know and let Love move you and through you into the world – in every breath, every word, every step, every stroke of your hands and every beat of your heart. This is your wisdom. Your best lomi is inside you, always has been. Lomi is aloha in motion, love in motion. You are Love in motion.

I’m sharing these words with you, because the remembrance of them touched me deeply – maybe it will touch you, too.

Dearest Human! How Life wants to live you today? How Love wants to flow through you into this world today, now?

Feel into it and remember one thing – Life is now and Love is now, in these small everyday thoughts, words and gestures towards yourself, your close ones, strangers and the whole Nature. You ARE now or never and every moment carries a YES for the flow of Love – because it is the flow of Life itself.

With love, joy, kindness and trust,

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