How does a session of lomi lomi look like?

Most people who come to my massages never had lomi lomi before. Some of them never had ANY massage before. They don‘t know what to expect from a lomi lomi session, or how this massage looks like. And sometimes when we don‘t know, we feel afraid or discouraged.

When you google lomi lomi and read about it in the internet, you might get a feeling that this massage is mysterious, spiritual, shamanic, that it is maybe not for you if all you need is some de-stress or pain relief.

The truth is that lomi lomi, however very special and „different“ (that‘s what most of my clients say about it) is simply a holistic, therapeutic, very efficient and extremely respectful massage with old tradition and beautiful history.

Although each session is different, they all have a structure and today I will tell you how lomi lomi session looks like step-by-step, from the moment you enter may massage studio.

Please bear in mind that this is how I DO lomi lomi. Different massage therapist have a bit different protoclos, so when you get lomi from somebody else, their session might look well – different 🙂

So, how does lomi lomi with me look like? What to expect?

  • When you come to my studio, we will start with a short talk. I will offer you some water and ask you couple of questions – why you came to me, what you need the most from massage session, what results you hope to get. I will ask about your health – if you had some injuries, operations, accidents recently, or if there is anything you want to share with me about your life situation. You will have time to ask questions as well, if you need it.


  • Then I will give you some time in privacy so you can get ready for the session. I will ask you to undress to your comfort level* , remove your jewelry, put your hair up if it‘s long, lie down on the massage bench (on your front side, face down**) and cover your body with a massage sheet.

* most people prefer to take off all the clothes, some prefer to stay in their underwear on. During lomi lomi your genitals are covered all the time and are not touched or massaged.

** if you can‘t lie face down (because, for example, you are pregnant, or have some health issues preventing you from lying in this position) I will place you on your side or back.


  • When you are ready, lying comfortably on a heated massage bench, I will come to the room and adjust your position on the bench – I will bend your arms and place them next to your body, and rotate your knees and feet a little bit outwards. If you have problems with knees, hips or shoulders, I will make all the necessary adjustments to make sure that you feel comfortable.


  • Then I will sing. This is a tradition I got from my lomi lomi teacher – to chant before the session. I will ask you if this was okay for you, and if yes, I will place my hands on your back and sing a Hawaiian song for you. Sometimes before the song we would have couple of deep breaths together.
    After the chant I will turn on the music and begin the massage. First I will uncover you, leaving genitals covered with a massage sheet. I will then apply warm oil on your body and start massaging – usually from the back, moving to the legs and arms. I will be moving your body a lot – bending your legs, stretching and lifting them gently, shaking your arms or pulling them – and you don‘t need to help me in any way, you can just be and breathe.


  • When I‘m finished massaging your back, legs and arms, I will ask you to turn over: I will first cover you again with the massage sheet, then give you a moment to turn, and I will continue massage on the front side of your body. I will be – again – moving your body a lot, uncovering only these parts that I will be massaging at the given moment – so your arms, legs, chest and abdomen. Breasts are not massaged in lomi lomi, but I will uncover your chest and massage the chest bone. I will also be doing lots of under-body movements – putting one or two hands under your body to massage your back.
    The last thing I will massage will be your face and head.
    The whole massage part will be around 1,5 h.


  • When the massage is finished, I will cover you with extra blanket, turn off the music and give you some time just to lie down in silence – as long as you need. I will take care of the time so you don‘t need to worry that you will be lying for „too long“ or fall asleep. I will gently wake you up with a sound of wind bells or singing bowl.


  • After massage, I will again give you some time in privacy so you can get dressed; then we will have a moment to talk if there will be need for that. And I will offer you plenty, plenty of water!

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