Happy birthday to Aloha Magdalena! | #letstalktouch for my 3rd birthday

Happy birthday to Aloha Magdalena! I’m turning 3 today and you are all invited to my party – I’m blowing out candles on my birthday cake and taking you on a sentimental journey, summing up last 3 years and talking about the future of Aloha Magdalena.

In this video I am talking about:
– Times before the beginnings of Aloha Magdalena – when I lived in Poland, worked as a psychologist and got burned-out;
– How did I come to Iceland, why Iceland and what I was doing for 4 years here

? Year 2017 – beginnings:
➡️why I decided to learn Hawaiian lomi lomi massage, where did I learn it, who were my teachers
➡️ how many customers I had ad the beginning of my practice

?? Year 2018 – growth:
➡️ continuation sof my trainings
➡️ legalizing my business
➡️ first trip to Hawaii and what it changed

??? Year 2019 – rapid expansion
➡️ how I finished my teacher training in Hawaii
➡️ how I learned Hawaiian back walking (kua lua)
➡️ how I decided to quit my 8-16 job and become a full time therapist and teacher, and at what cost
➡️ how I taught my first group of students

?❤?❤ Year 2020 – big change and hopes
➡️ how I took training in pregnancy lomi lomi
➡️ what are my plans for this year and next years (massages, trainings, education, online course, book)
➡️ when do I go to Hawaii this year, and to which island
➡️ what is my priority for 2020
➡️ how do I navigate in all the changes


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