a cup of cacao

Gratitude to the people

My cacaoholic heart is jumpin’ with joy today – I just got to try new cacao, from Ghana!

Whenever I get new cacao, I always make it the simplest way – just cacao paste and water. This way I can feel the taste better. This cacao is mild and chocolatey, not very deep in taste and doesn’t have the bitter notes that some people don’t like. It feels like a good everyday cacao – easy and tasty.

Before I drink, I like to give a moment to realize how many people were involved in producing this what I now have in my cup. Try it next time you drink cacao. Think about all the people involved in growing, harvesting, processing, packing, transporting and selling the cacao – or, actually, anything that you have in your cup or on your plate.

How many people are in this one little cup! Blessings to them all ???

Whenever I think about it, I realize how important it is to choose as wisely as we can – the food we eat, clothes we wear, items we use in our daily life, destinations we travel to, everything – my choices influence the people I will never meet, their lives and wellbeing.

How does this make you feel, when you realize it?

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