“Can you massage just my back?”

No, I can’t. Well I could but I won’t. And let me tell you why.

Your back is not some separate body part that functions – or hurts – independently of other body parts. And your back pain may have nothing to do with back.

It might be because your feet or calves are tense, and this tension goes all the way through your legs to your back. Your legs and feet need massage and this will help your back.

Your back may be in pain because you feel so much anger that your jaw is constantly clenched causing tension in your neck, spine and the whole back. Full body massage will help you feel more peaceful, relaxed, calm. Loosening up your jaw may help with back pain, headaches, poor sleep.

Maybe your back hurts because of the tension and limited mobility in your hips or shoulders. In Hawaiian lomi lomi massage I do deep rotations in the joints – to increase mobility and remove tensions. You may feel – as your hips and shoulders are more relaxed – that your back relaxes too.

Maybe it hurts because you – metaphorically – took to much on your back. So much responsibility, things to do, unresolved issues, unfinished stories – everything on you. You are overwhelmed and all this feels like heavy load on your back. No wonder it is in pain.

Maybe your back hurts because of the anxiety, sadness or stress that make your whole body alert as in “fight or flight” mode. Your body, you as a whole need careful, compassionate touch. Not just your back.

Maybe you have – like me – tendency to “store” all your worries, troubles, stresses, difficult memories, hurtful words in your back. But it’s not the back that needs massage, but these stories and memories. YOU need massage, not just your back. You as a whole being need massage on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Do you see my point? YOU ARE NOT YOUR BACK. I understand that it hurts. I hear you. I am so sorry to hear you are in pain.

Through receiving full body massage you have a chance to feel whole, integrated, balanced and taken care of on every level. Lomi lomi massage fulfills not only your physical needs, but also emotional, mental, spiritual and social needs – we all have them and if they are not fulfilled our wellbeing is disturbed.

So no, I will not massage only your back. But if you want to receive a holistic massage that supports your healing on every level, then you are most welcome to book your session – with me or any lomi lomi practitioner near you.


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