Is it okay to hug your massage therapist?

On the one hand physical contact, hugging included, is basic need of every human being and is essential for survival and development. On the other hand, not everybody likes hugs, not everybody wants to be touched or hugged and we need to somehow navigate between human need for physical contact and human need for boundaries and private space.

And if you took all the thoughts…

And if you took all the thoughts from your head, All the thoughts about yourself, about world, about other people… And if you took all these thoughts, and let them really touch you – What kind of touch would that be?

Song of our hearts

It’s not about singing the same song, but about listening to each other and singing in harmony.

Boundaries and massaging men

Aloha! The topic of massage and boundaries has been brewing in me for some time now. Nothing taught me more about people and about myself than almost 2 years of massaging. And when you choose massage to be also your business, sooner or later (usually sooner than later) you will have to deal with boundaries. …

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Arms of Aloha

Aloha! I will tell you a story. About Hawaii. And about my big complex I had since I started massaging. A moral dillema almost. Something that was like a shadow on my practice and eventually became one of the main reasons why I even went to Hawaii (ok, end of dramatic intro). Very quickly after …

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It takes courage to throw off the armor

Your body has good intentions: to make sure you survive. To protect you, guard you, defend you, keep you safe. Sometimes the only way the body knows how to do this is by putting on armor and growing a shield of muscles, tension, fear and pain.