Changing the world one massage at a time

When 5 years ago I shouted out loud: “I don’t want to be a psychologist anymore!”, and I closed my practice, and travelled to Iceland for one-year volunteering project, I was REALLY sure that I was DONE with psychology, therapy, diagnosis, psychological intervention.

Then, at the end of 2016, two things happened: my marriage ended and Hawaiian massage came to my life. I took my first training, then another, and another… And the more I massaged, the more I understood that it was not just about relaxation and loosening up stiff muscles. Especially when I started meeting clients with the history of depression, PTSD, anxiety, abuse, chronic stress, insomnia, burnout… or just people who feel a bit lost or stuck in life, people who lost hope or motivation, or got out of track…

You know what is the official name of what I do? Massage therapy. Massage THERAPY! I joke that it’s like psychotherapy, but much better, because it skips the mind and goes right to the body. So it’s bodytherapy  (my editor underlines it as such word doesn’t exist. Well, it should).

BODY-THERAPY. I see massage like this, and I invite you to look at it like this: as a THERAPY. Treatment intended to relieve or heal a disorder (dis-order, do you see a double meaning here, too?), so you can feel better, raise stronger, HEAL and GROW.

It looks like psychology found its way back to my life, after all. Whether I am aware of it or not, I use many of my psychological skills during massage meetings – from active listening, to ability of empathizing and relating, to non-violent communication, to emotional sensitivity…

Because I want to make sure that the massage I invite you for will be a beautiful, holistic and healing experience – on every level of your being.



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