5 disadvantages of being a masseuse | VIDEO #letstalktouch


Being a massage therapist sounds like a perfect job. Or if not perfect, then at least really, really good one. I help others. I genuinely change their lives for better. I have flexible working hours. I massage when I want to and don’t massage when I don’t want to. I constantly learn and develop. Every massage is different, so it’s never boring. I meet amazing people with amazing stories… all this is unicorns and rainbows I’m telling you 😉

Here’s the thing: sometimes I don’t like my job. I sometimes feel so frustrated, tired, hopeless that I seriously think about quitting. And I will tell you why. In this video I am talking about disadvantages, drawbacks, limitations and shadows of masseuse’s work. 5 reasons of my frustration, tears and doubts. Because as much as I love what I do, this is not like Christmas every day.



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